How to choose the best bed for your kids

The popular saying which says that babies only eat and sleep is true and extends to some extent, for children, however it is no excuse not to invest in the proper Baby Crib Mattress. Although when older the act of sleeping is not as practiced as in previous years (because, according to studies, a baby can sleep 15 to 20 hours in their first days of life), this is a moment that should indeed be valued by parents and guardians. So, how to manage the transition from the bed to the cradle?

  1. When changing from crib to bed think about the Best Mattresses and pillows

There is no specific rule, but this change is often made when the child is between 2 and 4 years. Those responsible should be alert in relation to the size and weight of the child. Children usually have a huge anxiety in wanting to grow, so when that time comes, take advantage of this momentum and then get the Best Mattresses and pillows!

  1. The child jumped from the cradle! Should I change?

Not really! Of course, this is a sensitive issue as this all may result in serious falls that may affect the child’s development. Moreover, a hasty change could result in the following scenario: a baby already big boy but still not as prepared to sleep in a bed will be free to leave it and walk around the house at night, which can bring many problems and a concern to more the responsible. Read more here.

  1. There are so many options! Which to choose? The Best Mattresses and pillows

Mattress on the floor: first, how about trying something new and alternative? It comes to putting himself mattress crib (or slightly higher) on the bedroom floor, giving a total free hand to the child and, secondly, ensuring the security of the same, as downside risks do not exist. But beware: your child is ready to leave as soon as you can in the middle of the night? Or rather, you want to win a few more concern wires because of that, you responsible? To think about!

Cot bed: as its name implies, is a crib that, ops, is also a bed! These models are practical and last longer, since, as you see fit, you just need to go down one of the birthplace of partitions to make way for an extension of the mattress. Simple, right?

  1. I changed but the child does not sleep well. What to do?

If you have not invested In the Best Mattresses and pillows, then you will definitely experience this issue. For this matter we will be forced to buy another bed.  So before making the actual change, try taking your child to the choice of new bed, or even if you do not, leave the walks in a corner of the room so the child gets used to its presence and perhaps naturally manifest a will to sleep there (at least in the afternoon naps). So, it is always best to invest in the Best Mattresses and pillows right away.

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