Spring -Easy Floor Cleaning Tips

Floor care is the best to keep all flooring clean while avoiding premature wear with simple tips. Regular vacuuming extends the life of household carpet and other floor material as they are a major investment. Frequent cleaning enhances the floor beauty by removing dust and grit that damage carpet fiber and also backing.

Dirt on the floor is the prime cause of impulsive wear on the floor materials while dust and grit scratched the smooth floor finishes hence removing wax and protective coating and crush carpet fibers as well as backings.

The solution; simple day to day care routines such as vacuuming the floor with a high-quality vacuum cleaner, while avoiding the need to elbow grease down the road.

Carpet cleaning

Three keys to clean and healthy floor carpets- vacuum the floor each week, treat all spills and stain as they occur and have a deep cleaned carpet once a year.  The first rule of clean floor carpet is vacuuming regularly even if it does not look dirty.

Vacuum cleaning machine delivers a one-two punch; combining suction that pulls free dust inside the vacuumsbad or dirt cup, with an agitation from a beater bar, which carpet fibers, raising them plus discharging dirt and soil.

High traffic living areas, day to day vacuuming keeps carpet dirton control- less used rooms still need bi-weekly attention.

Here’s how to vacuum carpet for best results:

  • Keep constant inspect the area to be vacuumed- you need to remove the small objects that could be sacked into the vacuums.
  • Check the vacuum machine- keeps the kinked hoses straight and always empty the cup/bag after use
  • Plus the vacuum machine and go to it- avacuum in short strokes to avoid back pains, moving forward across the room. Always overlap strokes for even vacuumed
  • Vacuum the floor in alternating direction for the best cleaning and to raise the carpet nap, make across the room in alternating directions.
  • Floor care includesvacuuming the baseboards and wall edges- you can use the extension wand and crevice tool.

When it comes to blot stains, don’t rub them on the floor or carpet- it may cause the stain spread and further imbed in the carpet. Cleaning with club soda works on stains when you rub cloth and allow it to work or rent a deep cleaner; carpet shampooer, but even if you cannot see the dirt know it is still there.

Hardwoodfloor care

The hardwood floor –Shaw Floorscannotbe denied of beauty and endurance hence need high floor care to keep that luster for theyear to come; certain cleaning tips should be practiced. Wood floor can be done by; avacuum that is regularly vacuuming with a brush attachment keeping the wood look best.

Doesn’t use water on thewood floor- it is an enemy as theliquid can penetrate the finish of your floor causing some warping and damage.  Know your wood-wood is not different, nor its finished the same way; don’t floor wax if the flooris finished with shellac, polyurethane or even varnish. More details and tips here in this link: http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Tile-Flooring

How to clean tile and Vinyl

Tiles are popular flooring option for its good hydrophobic nature although susceptible to scuffs and grime buildup in between the tiles. Tile cleaning includes asteam cleaner, pencil eraser and after wash if they still look dirty those could be cleaning produce residue. Try using new products until you get the best products. The vinyl- is cost effective and durable making it is the best for new homes. The vinyl cleaning tips for the best floor care; Don’t Drench It, Rinse Well and Never Use Wax.

While it is rare to discover a home with reliable flooring through, by succeeding these tips, you can cover all your foundations this spring. Moreover, who knows, maybe this year it will be a bottom to top clean and not the other way around with vacuum cleaning machine.

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